Mar 09

We have uploaded weekly ‘Satsanga MP3’ and to download please click Satsanga: 09 March 2008 (Downloads [downloadcounter(09_March_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)]). In the Satsanga HH Bhakti Madhava Puri Swami answered the questions of devotees about: (1) The fundamental nature of life, (2) Limitation of evolution theory, (3) Inter religious understanding about God, (4) Why living entities are suffering in material world?, (5) Scientific system of happiness, (6) Causeless faith on Krsna and His devotees, (7) How can one remember Krsna even in the battle field? (8) How one should approach to understand scriptures and teachings of Acharayas?, (9) How to understand what is Bhakti Yoga?. You can get this ‘Transcendental Nectar of Satsanga’ at  Satsanga: 09 March 2008 (Downloads [downloadcounter(09_March_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)]).

Also you may hear/download:

(1) Did Scientists Create Artificial Life? (Downloads [downloadcounter(02_March_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)])

(2) Cultivation of Mood of Humility to Engage Oneself in Loving Devotional Services (Downloads [downloadcounter(17_Feb_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)])

(3) Teachings of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur: Part 1 (Downloads [downloadcounter(13_Jan_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)]), Part 2 (Downloads [downloadcounter(20_Jan_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)]), Part 3 (Downloads [downloadcounter(27_Jan_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)]), Part 4 (Downloads [downloadcounter(10_Feb_2008_HH_BMPS_BI_Weekly_Satsanga.mp3)])

Timing of weekly Satsanga: 6:00 PM India time, Every Sunday. 

You may visit to know the details about joining process for the online ‘Weekly Satsangas’. All past Satsanga MP3s month wise can be found below:

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All Glories all Sadhus, Guru and Vaisnavas.

Thanking you.

Your humble servants

Purushottama Jagannatha Das &

Sushen Das



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