May 05

Reading from Srimad Bhagavatam

Maharaj discusses the many thousands of forms of incarnations of the Lord who appear for the maintenance of the universe (Visnu) and the protection of the devotees.  All such incarnations are an expression of the Lord’s internal energy, and since the activities of the Lord exist on an absolute plane, they benefit those who are present during those pastimes as well as those who hear the transcendental narratives about them.

From the second sloka, we learn that uttama means “above the plane of nescience.”  It is because the pastimes of the Lord are transcendental, a devotee never tires of hearing of the activities of the Lord.   This is contrasted with the Mayavada practitioners who chant to achieve liberation, but who ultimately fail to overcome the need to satisfy their desires.  Of the three planes — exploitative, renunciated and dedication — only those who learn to redirect their desires to the satisfaction of Krsna can overcome the material entrapment and achieve liberation.

Here is the recording of 05 May 2009 satsanga.

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