May 19

Reading from Srimad Bhagavatam

Maharaj begins by discussing the ship and captain analogy where the ship represents the message of Gita and Bhagavatam, and the captain represents Gurudeva.  With these two one can easily cross the ocean of material existence.  Otherwise, one who is drowning in the ocean cannot possibly save himself or others by his own efforts without getting help from someone who is already safely situated in the ship.

Our situation is not improved by pursuit of conventional education because the entire system is directed toward sense gratification rather than self-realization.  Nor is it improved by going to church or temple one day out of the week and then pursuing material enjoyment during the rest of the week.  Only by Krsna’s grace can we encounter the direction of Gurudeva and by his grace aspire to achieve loving service to the Lord — Krsna prema, the highest form of love.

Maharaj finishes with a brief discussion of the religious codes prescribed in the Bhagavatam — truthfulness, austerity, cleanliness, and mercy.  These are connected with the four regulative principles that are also prescribed there — no gambling, no intoxication, no elicit sex, and no eating meat.

Here is the recording of 19 May 2009 satsanga.

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