Jul 07

Reading from Srimad Bhagavatam

Today is Guru Purnima where we celebrate Gurudev, who opens the eyes of conditioned souls to their real identity.  From Gurudev we learn what is our present position and how to understand that, and what is the ultimate goal in life and how to achieve that.  From the previous sloka we recall that the highest activity of life is to discharge our duties for the satisfaction of the Personality of Godhead.  From this sloka we learn what that highest activity is, namely: constantly hearing, glorifying, remembering and worshipping the Lord.  Bhakti Madhava Puri discusses these elements in detail, pointing out that such activities are inherent in all societies, including ants and bees.

Maharaj finishes today’s sanga with a discussion of knowledge.  Everyone has the capacity to know, but what is the purpose of knowing?  In the modern conception, knowledge is gained to better defend the self, to improve the chances for survival, but that knowledge is always changing.  On the other hand, transcendental knowledge does not change, but it can only be gained from Guru.  One must have love for Guru and want to serve…not just dutiful service, but beautiful service.

Here is the recording of 07 July 2009 satsanga.

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