Jun 09

Sripad Bhakti Madhava Puri Maharaja read from Srimad Bhagavatam.

  • Atheists stand on a negative conception of God. As Hegel explained, to say God and to say “no-God” is to utter the same concept, because the absolute content of the negation of God is God! In other words, one must already have a conception of God in order to deny the existence of God. As is evident from historical cultures around the world, some concept of God is innate to the human mind.
  • Materialists fail to explain how mind or life come into existence from dead matter. Existing in a world of mere matter implies they have lost their mind, their life and God. Certainly they must qualify for being the absolute “Biggest Losers.”
  • Because a human being has free will, he may come to think knowledge comes from him alone. However, the Bhagavad Gita says that knowledge, remembrance and forgetfulness all come from Krsna (B.G. 15.15). Thus, a devotee never thinks of himself as being a completely independent entity.
  • Krsna is all-attractive. He rules by beauty, charm and sweetness, and never by force of position or power. It is our nature to seek fulfillment and thus be attracted to such pleasing qualities, which have their source and perfection in the Love of Sri Sri Radha Krsna.
  • Maharaja Pariksit recognized that the time of death is the most important moment of life. The intelligent devotee knows that there is an infinite realm beyond this finite world, and that he must make some adjustment for that interest throughout life.
  • Prahlada Maharaja was born a devotee in the family of a powerful demoniac king, and thus came to understand the intense allure of materialistic life. His life was miserable for two reasons — he missed the comfort of his spiritual home and, at the same time, he felt the pain of always coming in contact with what he didn’t want. A devotee considers such misery to be a blessing to remind him of his real purpose.
  • The spiritual sky is filled with unlimited variegation. Some may consider this to be imaginary, since we cannot travel to the spiritual realm via spaceship, but only by subjective conscious development. However, there are many things we accept as being real, though we have no direct experience of them. Thus, it is important to study the scriptures under the guidance of a qualified guru to learn more about our true spiritual identity.

Here is the recording of 06 June 2012 sadhu-sanga.

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