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January 30, 2013 Sadhu-Sanga — Sripad Bhakti Vijnana Muni Maharaja read from Srimad Bhagavatam

Topic: The Greatness of the Supreme Lord

Here is the recording of the January 30, 2013 sadhu-sanga.

  • The opulences of the virat-rupa are described. In the material world, activities of the living entities are contaminated by the three modes of material nature, whereas in the spiritual world they are all pure because they are engaged in the unalloyed transcendental loving service of the Lord.
  • Every living entity is engaged in some sort of service whether for self, family, or country. All such services are rendered useless due to selfish material attachment. Fortunately, attachments may be directed to the service of the Lord and His devotees. Liberation is easily attained and surpassed via devotional service to the Lord, while other methods of salvation are very difficult because one who is impersonally attached is subjected to all kinds of tribulations.
  • There are many powerful world leaders and many more powerful demigods. All of them are different powerful parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord. If all living beings accept Sri Krishna as the origin of their specific powers, then simply by discharging their respective duties they can achieve the highest perfection of life. However, as long as such men do not accept the origination of their powers from the all-powerful Lord, their false sense of ego results in a hard struggle for existence. Simply by accepting the Lord as the supreme proprietor, one can achieve the highest perfection of life.
  • We must take shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord. No one should be inclined to seek the help of the demigods because they are all dependent on Him only. Even the all-pervading Supersoul is a dependent expansion of the supreme Lord, Bhagavan, the Personality of Godhead.
  • The genitals and the pleasure of begetting counteract the distresses of family encumbrances. There is a pleasure-giving substance that is not false, because it originates from the transcendental body of the Lord. However, in the material world, sex life is the cause of many distresses and should not be encouraged beyond what is necessary within prescribed religious principles.
  • The perfect description of the Lord holds that He is both impersonal and personal simultaneously. The Personality of Godhead is the original feature of the Lord, from which His impersonal energy emanates as the reflection of His transcendental body.
  • According to human calculation one day of Brahma is equal to one thousand ages of four millenniums (4,300,000 years) each. The same period is calculated to be his night also. During the night of Brahma, the universe is withdrawn, with the living entities taking repose, along with the great oceans, in the belly of the virat-purusha. At the end of Brahma’s night, the creation is again manifested and the living entities are let loose to play their respective parts. The living entities are never destroyed, but continue to accept one material body after another. Human life is meant for making a solution to this repeated change of bodies, thus attaining a place in the spiritual sky, where everything is eternal, blissful and full of knowledge.
  • The Supreme Personality of Godhead, by His partial representation, measuring not more than nine inches as Supersoul, expands by His own energy in the shape of the universal form, which includes everything manifest in different varieties of organic and inorganic forms. Yet, the Supreme Lord remains the supreme absolute entity, distinct from all manifested forms. Lord Chaitanya’s followers call this  philosophical siddhantaacintya-bhedabheda-tattva.
  • The universal form of the Lord is a secondary imagination of the impersonal form of the Lord, but the primary form of the Lord is Syamasundara, with two hands, playing on His eternal flute. Seventy-five percent of the expansive effulgence of the Lord is manifested in the spiritual sky as His completely transcendental internal potency (tripad-vibhuti). The remaining twenty-five percent of His personal effulgence is called His external energy (pada-vibhuti) from which the material worlds are constituted. From this, we can conclude that the number of liberated souls are far more numerous than the conditioned souls.
  • The greatness of the Supreme Lord is so extensive that it cannot be imagined even by the great brahmacharis or sannyasis. Yet, such spiritual happiness is factually attained by the unalloyed devotees of the Lord, by His divine grace, which appears in the form of Gurudeva. 
  • The spiritual world, which consists of three fourths of the Lord’s energy, is situated beyond this material world, and it is especially meant for those who will never be reborn. Others, who are attached to family life and who do not strictly follow celibacy vows, must live within the three planetary divisions (bhur, bhuvar, svar) of the material world.
  • Sripad Muni Maharaja and Sripad Puri Maharaja answer a question concerning the meaning of the spiritual gems (cintamani) and the desire trees that are mentioned in the Brahma-Samhita.

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