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February 13, 2013 Sadhu-Sanga — Sripad Bhakti Vijnana Muni Maharaja read from Srimad Bhagavatam

Topic: Understanding the Pastimes of the Supreme Lord

Here is the recording of the February 13, 2013 sadhu-sanga.

  • When the senses are purified by the process of hearing, chanting, remembering, and worshiping the lotus feet of the holy Deity, the Lord reveals Himself proportionately to the quality of devotional service. One cannot know the Supreme Personality of Godhead fully by any method, but He can be seen and felt partially by the process of devotional service.
  • The whole creation is the Lord Himself, and the creation is also non-different from Him. Simultaneously, as the original Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna is aloof from the created manifestation. The original Personality of Godhead expands Himself as the Maha-Visnu incarnation and rests in the Causal Ocean, which He Himself creates. He lies down and generates the universes by His breathing, and again, by entering into each universe as Garbhodakasayi Visnu, He creates Brahma, Siva and many other demigods.
  • The Personality of Godhead is pure, free from all contamination of material tinges. This distinguishes the Lord from the individual living entities who have the aptitude for being subordinated by nescience and thus becoming materially designated.
  • Only the unalloyed devotees of the Lord can know Him to a certain extent. This is because the devotees have no demands in their lives but to be obedient servants of the Lord, while the empiric philosophers, the mystics and the fruitive workers, all basically have some demand, and as such they cannot be purified.
  • Karanarnavasayi Visnu is the first incarnation of the Supreme Lord, and He is the master of eternal time, space, cause and effects, mind, the elements, the material ego, the modes of nature, the senses, the universal form of the Lord, Garbhodakasayi Visnu, and the sum total of all living beings, both moving and non-moving.
  • Different persons, societies and communities, worship some of the potent manifestations of the Lord, wrongly accepting such powerful objects as God. But Brahmaji advises that none of them is the Supreme Lord; they are only borrowed plumes from the original Almighty Lord Sri Krsna. When the Lord actually descends on the earth or anywhere within the universe, the less intelligent class of men mistake Him to be one of them, and thus they imagine the Transcendence to be formless or impersonal.
  • The activities of the Lord are principally of two varieties. One concerns the mundane manifestation of the material creative force, and the other deals with His pastimes in the form of different incarnations. Beginning in chapter 7, Lord Brahma recounts the innumerable incarnations of the Lord known as lila-avataras.
  • The first incarnation of the Lord as a gigantic boar, who restored the Earth to its orbit, is briefly described. Then the incarnation of Suyajna is described. This is followed by the incarnation of Kapila whose mother achieved liberation following the path laid out by her Son.
  • When the Lord descends personally or by His personal plenary expansions, such incarnations are called amsa, kala, guna, yuga and manvantara incarnations. When the Lord’s associates descend by the order of the Lord, such incarnations are called saktyavesa incarnations.
  • The reading concludes with a discussion of the incarnation of Dattatreya as the Son of Atri.
  • Both Sripad Muni Maharaja and Sripad Puri Maharaja clarify that Karanarnavasayi Vishnu, Karanodakasayi Visnu and Maha-Vishnu are different names for the same initial expansion of Lord Sri Krsna.

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