Oct 06

Dandavat pranams,

Attached is the Princeton Bhakti Vedanta Institute Report – September 24, 2016.

“The Whole Truth: Conversation With A Scientist”

[exerpt] An organic whole is not merely the sum of its parts. All partial
analyses will only give the wrong conception because you
are taking the parts to be something substantial in and of
themselves but that cannot be the truth of what’s actually
there. As one poet wrote about the elephant and blind men,
‘Though each was partly in the right, all were in the wrong!’
In order to know the truth you need a conception of the
Whole beyond the limited knowledge of empirical
investigation for properly understanding things.

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Srila Acharya Maharaj ki jai
Sripad Puri Maharaj ki jai

Your humble servant
Kushum devi dasi
(New York)

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