May 14

We have zero tolerance for supremacists of any type and the hate speech that they generate.

We remind and request all to follow the one rule of humility, tolerance and respect when addressing one another, even in the case of complete disagreements. It is what makes it possible for us all to consider a wide diversity of viewpoints urbanely without the dialog becoming acrimonious. We do not think this rule is beyond the ability of intelligent ladies and gentlemen to observe.

One may make the case that the major problem in the world today, certainly in the USA, is extremism and its consequent polarization of society. What lies at the root of that type of mentality and how did it develop? The question is often asked: why are we suffering? An answer may come from the Greek tragic play of Sophocles’ Antigone, which may be paraphrased – “We suffer because we have erred.”

Today’s scientists, mathematicians and other professionals might not be expected to recognize where that line comes from and the great significance it has maintained in human culture for millennia. Historians tell us it was composed by Sophocles almost 500 years before the historical appearance of Christ. Why has it endured and been so highly respected by scholars, the learned and other members of society for so long?

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