May 29

Time and Immortality

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“Material existence means we are part of the world of reflection, and thus necessarily part of the original world that is the source of the reflection. When you look in the mirror you see your own reflection but the left and right sides are reversed. You will see the left side of your body on the right side in the mirror and the right side of your body on the left side of the mirror reflection. If you hold your right hand up to the mirror it will appear as if your left hand is in the reflection,” Sripad Puri Maharaja continued, “ It is said that when you look at objects in the world, light comes through the lens of the eye, and an image appears inverted on the retina, yet we see it up straight because it is not the eyes that see, the mind is also involved and it flips things around because that’s the way we want to see things. We see things the way we think they should be, not just the way it appears on the back of the retina. Perception scientists did some experiments where they put glasses on people that would make the world appear upside down through those lenses so that the image at the back of the retina is up straight. Then after they wear these glasses for a while the mind flips the whole thing so that everything appears up straight again. This indicates that it is not merely the image on the retina that is causing some mechanical stimulation in the brain, but the mind is interpreting the stimulation indicating that intention or will is involved in seeing. It is also known that if a person who is born blind due to some physiological defect, when surgery is used to correct that defect the person is still not immediately able to see but has to learn how to see, how to interpret the stimulations of the eye. This indicates that the mind plays an important role in sense perception.”

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