Aug 01

Saranagati should be practiced in thought, word, and deed –

“By his power of speech, the surrendered soul declares, ‘I am Yours’; in his thoughts, he knows the same; and in person, he takes refuge in the Lord’s holy abode. In this way the surrendered soul passes his life, his heart filled with joy.”
“[ Vaisnava-tantra]

[from Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar, Sri Prapanna Jivanamrtam 2.33]

iti sri-prapanna-jivanamrte sri-sastra-vacanamrtam nama dvitiyo ‘dhyayah

thus ends the second chapter
The Nectar of Scriptural Word
Life-Nectar of the Surrendered Souls
Positive and Progressive Immortality

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