Jul 16

Establishing the New Science of the Concept

Science of Krsna Consciousness Comments Off on Establishing the New Science of the Concept

Establishing the New Science of the Concept. [1]
Bhakti Madhava Puri, Ph.D.
July 13, 2018

The Physical and the Mental

The physical as contrasted with the mental, is one side of a whole of two antithetical yet intimately related parts. There are three terms here, like two antithetical peas in a pod (the whole). Some may call the antithetical relation that is involved here an object-subject duality (which is originally not a duality because of the integral relation between thesis and antithesis) due to the presumption of the subject as a separately existing agent [ego] of thinking activity opposed to the otherwise reified being of an object. However, because this thinking activity is directed toward comprehending the inner essence or true self (or concept) of the object, the object-subject cannot be considered a mere duality of aspects that are separate, opposed to, and outside of one another. Rather such thinking activity is the conceptual self-development of the object itself (the object’s own self).

What Matter is

Modern science with its focus on the physical sciences has adopted the Cartesian duality that opposed the mental (cognition) to the physical (spatially extended bodies), completely ignoring their implicit relation. By differentiating what is originally an integral relation, and then by excluding the mental from the exclusive study of the physical nature, they placed all thinking in a separated subject (the scientist) opposed to, and apart from the object, physical nature. Science, which is a product of thinking reason – the foundation of all science, merely became a study of objects that were presumed to be devoid of any contribution from thinking consciousness, which thus became known as material objects, material entities, or particles.

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Jul 04

Sri Mahanet – July 2018

Science of Krsna Consciousness Comments Off on Sri Mahanet – July 2018

Persons who do not take shelter of the One without a second, the
Supreme Lord, simply loiter in the world of birth and death –

“O Lord, Soul of all souls, the conditioned soul sees this
universe as separate from You, and thinks it is meant for his sense
enjoyment. But this is only a creation of Your deluding potency
(maya). As long as the living being clings to such an illusory separate
interest, he does not give up the miserable world of action and
reaction, birth and death, despite its utter meaninglessness.”
(Srila B. R. Sridhar Maharaja, Sri Prapanna Jivanamritam 2.6)

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Jun 01

Sri Mahanet – June 2018

Science of Krsna Consciousness Comments Off on Sri Mahanet – June 2018

’The only obstacle to surrender is self-asserting ego –

“The Supreme Lord Kesava remains in the company of persons
who are free from a mundane conception of life; but there appears
to be a great mountain range between the self-asserting egotists and
the Lord.”
(Srila B. R. Sridhar Maharaja, Sri Prapanna Jivanamritam 2.5)

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May 29

Princeton Bhakti Vedanta Institute Report – April 21, 2018

Preaching Reports, Science of Krsna Consciousness Comments Off on Princeton Bhakti Vedanta Institute Report – April 21, 2018

Time and Immortality

excerpt –

“Material existence means we are part of the world of reflection, and thus necessarily part of the original world that is the source of the reflection. When you look in the mirror you see your own reflection but the left and right sides are reversed. You will see the left side of your body on the right side in the mirror and the right side of your body on the left side of the mirror reflection. If you hold your right hand up to the mirror it will appear as if your left hand is in the reflection,” Sripad Puri Maharaja continued, “ It is said that when you look at objects in the world, light comes through the lens of the eye, and an image appears inverted on the retina, yet we see it up straight because it is not the eyes that see, the mind is also involved and it flips things around because that’s the way we want to see things. We see things the way we think they should be, not just the way it appears on the back of the retina. Perception scientists did some experiments where they put glasses on people that would make the world appear upside down through those lenses so that the image at the back of the retina is up straight. Then after they wear these glasses for a while the mind flips the whole thing so that everything appears up straight again. This indicates that it is not merely the image on the retina that is causing some mechanical stimulation in the brain, but the mind is interpreting the stimulation indicating that intention or will is involved in seeing. It is also known that if a person who is born blind due to some physiological defect, when surgery is used to correct that defect the person is still not immediately able to see but has to learn how to see, how to interpret the stimulations of the eye. This indicates that the mind plays an important role in sense perception.”

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May 14

Science and the Rise of Science Supremacists

Preaching Reports, Science of Krsna Consciousness Comments Off on Science and the Rise of Science Supremacists

We have zero tolerance for supremacists of any type and the hate speech that they generate.

We remind and request all to follow the one rule of humility, tolerance and respect when addressing one another, even in the case of complete disagreements. It is what makes it possible for us all to consider a wide diversity of viewpoints urbanely without the dialog becoming acrimonious. We do not think this rule is beyond the ability of intelligent ladies and gentlemen to observe.

One may make the case that the major problem in the world today, certainly in the USA, is extremism and its consequent polarization of society. What lies at the root of that type of mentality and how did it develop? The question is often asked: why are we suffering? An answer may come from the Greek tragic play of Sophocles’ Antigone, which may be paraphrased – “We suffer because we have erred.”

Today’s scientists, mathematicians and other professionals might not be expected to recognize where that line comes from and the great significance it has maintained in human culture for millennia. Historians tell us it was composed by Sophocles almost 500 years before the historical appearance of Christ. Why has it endured and been so highly respected by scholars, the learned and other members of society for so long?

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