The Glories of Vraja Bhakti (House Program – 23.05.2011)

This evening we had a House Program (23.05.2011). Shanta Maharaj discussed some Krsna lila in Vrndavan, specifically the nature of the residents of Vrndavan to not accept Krsna as the supreme personality of Godhead. It seems no matter how hard Krsna tries, to show them his transcendental, universal, or supreme nature, they remain unwilling to see or even entertain this idea. So intimate in their dealings and relations with Krsna, they cling to his friendship, his consort hood, etc.

One specific example Maharaj gave of this characteristic of the residents of Vrndavan was the pastime of the lifting of Govardhan hill.

As this small child, with one finger, was holding up the whole of Govardhan hill for some days, mother Yasoda started to become concerned that Krsna needed to eat, to take some rest. She summoned Krsna’s friends (cowherd boys) and reasoned with them to relieve Krsna of His duties for some time, so that He could rest and take nourishment. They, being under the impression that Krsna was more or less one of them, approached Krsna and asked Him please to give them Govardhan hill, that they would take care of holding it up for some time. Ksna told that He could not allow this because otherwise Govardhan hill would come down. They argued that why, if you can lift this with your small finger, we cannot do this? Krsna allowed them to realize this truth. They gathered some bamboo trunks and propped them upright, and told Krsna to go and take rest. Krsna, seeing that there was little hope even in this situation for them to understand His true position as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, allowed. He slowly began to let down Govardhan hill and immediately the bamboo trunks shattered. The friends quickly told with much anxiety, “Oh Krsna please hold Govardhan! Otherwise we all will die.” Krsna smiled. Out of curiosity, the friends asked Krsna, “our strong bamboo sticks together could not do this job, how with your small finger were you able to lift this gigantic mountain?” Krsna replied, “because I am God.” They laughed at Krsna and told if you are God than why you are playing with us? In that way many arguments they presented to defeat the claim of Krsna that He is God. Krsna, knowing very well that He always failed to convince the vraja vasis about His position as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, decided to tell a lie. He told them that from the day I arrived in Vrndavan I started stealing different things. The first day when I took birth in Vrndavan I stole everyone’s heart. As I slowly grew up, I stole many things: butter, clothes of gopis, etc. Today I stole all of your (residents of Vrndavan) strength and placed it at the top of my finger. That’s why I could lift this gigantic mountain. Listening to this argument, they were all convinced with no hesitation.

That is the real difference between the devotees of Vrndavan and the devotees of Vaikuntha. Devotees of Vaikuntha can never forget that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And the devotees of Vrndavan will always forget that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, due to their intimate exchange of pure devotional services with Krsna. Hence Krsna among all devotees always glorifies the love of the devotees from Vrndavan. And time and again Krsna establishes the supremacy of Vrndavan devotion. In this fallen age of Kali, yuga-avatara Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came, Who is Krsna Himself. In this incarnation Lord Sri Krsna came as His own devotee and in the mood of Srimati Radharani, not only to relish this highest mood of devotion of vraja bhakti, but also to exhibit his magnanimous nature by distributing the same to one and all, without discrimination. Hence, those who are fortunate souls will embrace the divine gift of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and make their human life supremely successful.






(Photo taken at our house program this evening.)