What mood should a devotee carry while collecting for Gurudev?

This evening we had a House Preaching Program, where Shanta Maharaj spoke about the mood a devotee should carry while collecting for Gurudev and for Lord. Maharaj explained that Srila Sridhar Maharaj gave three rules for collection; first, the devotees should not create a bad name for the mission or Gurudev by their methods of collection; second, all collections must be engaged/used in the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga; and third, while collecting, the devotees must always have the mindset that they are accepting these materials for the benefit of the soul of the donor.

Similarly Shanta Maharaj explained to the participants present in the house program that they must understand that they are the eternal servants of Krsna, and that Krsna comes to them in the form of the vaisnav. And so by engaging in the service of the vaisnav, they are only doing their natural duty. Also, Maharaj told not think that by giving some donation we will receive some benefit or pious result. This mentality will only lead to some reactionary karmic accumulation. To fully explain the details Shanta Maharaj told of one pastime in Vrndavan: once, in the middle of the night, the gopis went to meet Krsna, bearing so many wonderful offerings. Upon seeing this beautiful display of affection, Krsna told them that one sadhu (Durvasa Muni) had recently come to Vrndavan, and that they must go and offer these gifts to him, where he was currently taking rest on the banks of the Jamuna. The Jamuna was at that time flooding, and the gopis asked Krsna how they would be able to cross. Krsna told them not to worry, to go and carry this message to Jamuna, and she will happily grant them passage, “Krsna never sees the face of anyone’s wife.” The gopis, with full faith in Krsna, went and told this to Jamuna. Upon hearing the message Jamuna immediately opened a passage for them to cross. Quickly the gopis went and offered the prasadam to Durvasa Muni, who instantly finished everything.

The gopis then returned to Jamuna and repeated the same message, but, this time, Jamuna did not make way for them to cross. With much anxiety they returned to the spot where Durvasa Muni was taking rest. Durvasa Muni asked of the process they followed to cross Jamuna the first time, and, after listening to the explanation gave them a new message to repeat, “Durvasa never eats anything.” They again approached Jamuna and upon hearing this second message she once more gave them passage. The gopis, being very surprised, approached Krsna with hopes of better understanding this subtle mystery. Originally, they were thinking both Krsna and Durvasa were telling lies. But, each time, upon hearing the message from the gopis, Jamuna made way.

Krsna explained to them how both Himself and Durvasa Muni were speaking only truth. He, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, told that everyone is the servant of Krsna and Krsna is the proprietor of everything and the husband of everyone. Hence there is no question if he will ever see the face of another’s wife. Similarly, sadhus don’t eat anything for their own enjoyment, they accept offerings from others for their Gurudev and for the service of the Lord, Sri Krsna, Reality the Beautiful.