Nov 04

sri sri guru gaurangau jayatah

Dandavat pranams.

Last week the NY devotees came to Princeton for our Saturday Harinama program. Smt Kushum Devi wrote the report for the occasion (attached here as PDF), despite the intervening super storm that passed through the region this week. Most of us got through without too much disruption, but some are still without electricity, or other resources. One devotee we know has suffered greater loss due to flooding.

As the Bhagavad-gita reminds us, agamapayino ‘nityas, tams titiksasva, one must simply tolerate the anitya, the non-eternal or fleeting pleasures and pains that arise from contact of the senses with their objects. The transcendental enduring reality in which our actual identity is encompassed is non-finite and eternal.

Attracted by the chanting of the Holy Names, transformed by the transcendental taste of prasadam, and converted by the scientific conception of Mahaprabhu’s teachings, a portal was opened for the jiva souls of this world to be transported back to their eternal home.

Humbly in service,
Bhakti Madhava Puri

Right-click here to download the report

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