Nov 19

The Nine Processes of Bhakti

excerpt –

“It is like there are two realities at the same time – the absolute and the
relative, so everything in this world is about relative because everything has
a beginning and an end and is not complete, but everything about bhaktiyoga
is absolute,” Rasaraja das Prabhu commented.

“Yes, I think that’s correct. An early Greek philosopher named Democratus,
famous for his theory of atomism, believed that by convention we name
something sweet or sour, but ultimately there are only atoms and void. In
the same way we can’t say how long a meter actually is yet everyone may
agree to accept a standard definition. But such a measurement is only
relative or judged according to the accepted convention,” Sripad Puri
Maharaja responded then said, “But what the absolute measure of length is,
they don’t know. They can only adopt some convention, then it becomes
relative to that accepted standard. So in a simple way we can say that
relative means what is man-made and absolute refers to what God made.”

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