Aug 23

Divine Appearance of Lord Balarama

excerpt –

“Like ‘acintyabhedaabhedatattva’ simultaneously one and different,” Nila
Madhava das Prabhu said. “The singular ‘I’ and the universal sense of
‘I’ represents a difference. In the universal sense of ‘I,’ we are all parts
of that universal ‘I,’ and that is true of all of us.” Sripad Puri Maharaja
said. “We are all connected with that but in the platform of mere
difference, we are not conscious of that universal truth of which we are
a part. Lord Balarama represents that difference that is also identical
with Krishna,” Sripad Puri Maharaja explained. “Balarama is Krishna
but is also different from Krishna. The temperament or sense of
difference without identity or connection with Krishna is called Ego.
From Balarama expands the Chatur Vyuha of which Sankarshan
becomes Shiva who is lord over the ignorance of the collective or
universal Ego.”

“In Aristotle’s philosophy thinking thinking itself is the absolute. We
think, we believe that we are the source of thinking but how do we
think? You do not even know how you lift your arm, right? So how do
you think? What do we do when we want to think? Doesn’t it just
happen – like digestion?” Sripad Puri Maharaja asked. Rasaraja das
responded, “We don’t make any effort to digest, it just occurs.”

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