Sep 04

The Divine Appearance of Sri Krishna

excerpt –

After the wonderful kirtan Sripad Puri Maharaja began our Harikatha discussion on the topic of birth. “While Krishna is the janmadasya (source or cause of birth) of all conscious and unconscious beings, He also appears to take birth Himself to exhibit the divine nature of this miraculous event that occurs throughout nature. We understand that every individual cell has its own consciousness. When a mother gives birth to her children, each one of those children has an independent consciousness, so it’s possible that one consciousness can give rise to many other conscious entities, right? Within the womb of the mother the zygote or fertilized egg is also conscious but then when it divides, it gives rise to so many other cells. At first it divides into two, then into four, then eight, and so forth. It keeps multiplying in that way. Every time it doubles a consciousness appears in each of those multiples of itself, just as a candle flame can produce so many flames in the candles that are brought in touch with it. This ability to multiply is one of the amazing qualities of the soul and its associated consciousness. When the whole body is developed it’s made of many different cells and each one of those cell has its own consciousness,” Sripad Puri Maharaja explained. “One is more dominant than the other,” Rasaraja das Prabhu interjected. “Yes, one remains dominant,” Sripad Puri Maharaja confirmed then asked “Now how is that happening? Why is it so?”

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